How we work

Collaborative approach

How we work

Hands-on change support

How we work

Among 15,000 specialists

At Ramboll Management Consulting our engagement model is based on our Nordic heritage. Our clients value us for our collaborative approach centered on constructive dialogues and a free exchange of viewpoints considering the many perspectives in our clients’ stakeholder landscapes.

Our consultants are friendly and forthcoming striving to cater for our clients’ needs. Ranging from Ph.D.’s, senior experts, and rising talents, our people deliver actionable insights and change support to both public and private sector clients.

To stay attuned to the driving forces of our society and to give back to our local communities, we have had strong links to universities for decades. This further influence how we work; we not only want to consume knowledge we also want to produce knowledge and put it into practice in collaboration with clients.

15,000 specialists strive to create sustainable change.

Among 16,500 specialists

As an integral part of Ramboll, we are in a large group of specialists and experts; engineers, architects, planners, consultants and more. 16,500 colleagues in 35 countries. Together we form a company that has been guided by a sense of purpose and a strong set of values since 1945.

Therefore, we are first and foremost in business to contribute to the positive long-term development of societies by fulfilling our clients’ visions and finding solutions to their most pressing needs, challenges and concerns. How many consultancies can genuinely say the same?

Our long-term thinking influences how we work with clients and sustainable change.

For the long term

As part of the Ramboll Group, we are ultimately owned by the Ramboll Foundation. The Ramboll Foundation ensures a long-term ownership of our company and contributes to the positive development of society; through academic research projects, SDG related projects as well as purely humanitarian activities across the world.

This long-term thinking influences how we work with clients. We work to build lasting ties with clients and make sure that the organisations we help are able to work towards their goals even after our job is done. In others words, change that can be sustained over time.