A business-critical IT-setup

A fragmented and decentralised setup in Nilfisk Group-IT were slowing down deliverables from the IT-team and made it hard to deliver the dynamic and innovative solutions that the business required.

A newly appointed CIO believed that a more accessible and transparent organisational setup was required.

Working closely with consultants from Ramboll Management Consulting Nilfisk fostered an ambitious plan to re-organise Group-IT and create an operating model that is descriptive, useful, and easy to understand for management and employees.

Transforming the IT-organisation

Torben Hoeg Bonde was appointed as Nilfisk new CIO in late 2018 and one of his first actions was to identify where Group-IT needed to change in order to deliver on business needs. It was obvious that the managers and employees were well skilled and worked hard - but the output came short a bit too often.

One main issue was, that it was difficult to find out how to deliver the best value to the business from IT-projects.  The reason being: There were simply no clear cut and transparent IT operating model or IT organisation in place. Torben Hoeg Bonde had previously fronted a similar and successful transformation of the Global IT-organisation at Vestas. Also, in that case, Ramboll Management Consulting was on-boarded as trusted advisors.

Co-creation is the key to success

In just 3 months, 8 workshops were facilitated by Ramboll Management Consulting. The goal was that by the end of the 8th workshop a new Operating Model and organizational design for Group-IT should be in place. Management and key stakeholders from Group IT participated in all workshops and were presented to a framework for a new operating model. The model was formed by Ramboll Management Consulting, but needed input and insights from across the Nilfisk organisation in order to make it applicable to the needs from internal stakeholders and external vendors.

During the workshops, the participants learned about the model and were collaboration and co-create on how it could be set up and implemented in a meaningful way. And the goal was reached: A new operating model has been presented to and green-lighted by Nilfisk executive management.

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- The workshops created a baseline for an iterative process that enabled us to understand the new framework. During the workshops, it also became clear how things were and where we wanted to go.

Most importantly the process made it obvious to all why we needed to take action – quickly.

CIO at Nilfisk

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