A baseline for decision-making

17 goals. 169 targets. 232 indicators. There are no shortages on numbers for the UN SDGs that are to be reached by 2030. Denmark often ranks high in global SDG indexes, but this is based on global indicators. To get a more accurate indication on how Denmark is doing and what to prioritise, the Danish Parliament engaged Ramboll Management Consulting to assess and develop local indicators for SDG #11 on Liveable Cities and Communities. This would allow for decision-making, new policies as well as continued measurements and follow-ups.

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Generating stakeholder involvement

The baseline work was undertaken in collaboration with a large number of partners, research institutions, professors, and special advisors to the parliament.

Stakeholder involvement has been a crucial element as the project aimed at reaching a common and widely accepted set of solid indicators. Therefore, the working group undertook 2 multi-stakeholder hearings and a workshop along with a national survey to firstly form a surplus of suggestions for indicators and from this distil reliable measures and data points.

Consolidating data-points

After scrutinising a huge number of potential indicators, Ramboll’s expert team went on to validate possible indicators based on the availability of data and the quality of such data. This allowed for selecting the right indicators and consolidate data for each target.

In early 2019, the results of the baseline-project were presented to the public, special interest groups, and the SDG Network in the Danish Parliament. The final delivery was a 68-page report with an overview and status for the new local indicators to form an updated status for SDG #11.

Further, an interactive dashboard solution will be developed by Ramboll and the ambition is to develop Danish indicators for each of the remaining Global Goals.

About the 2030 Network

The 2030 Network is a cross-political network with representation from all parties in the Danish Parliament. They work with localising the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The network creates a platform for collaboration between politicians, business communities, institutions, civil society, and many more stakeholders. 

To guide and inspire their work, the network has set up an advisory group called the 2030 Panel consisting of business leaders, NGOs, professors etc.  

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