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50 years of public sector expertise

Where we are strong

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Where we are strong

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We bring you in-depth sector expertise and the highest standards in management consulting when helping both public and private sector clients.

As our knowledge is both wide and deep we help answer to a large number of challenges and help realise ambitions from clients across multiple industries and sectors.

However, like most companies we have our hallmarks; our areas of true specialisation. We excel in helping the public sector and sectors like transport, energy, environment and more. Here we are able to create a multi-disciplinary team with our engineering colleagues. Equally, sustainability and liveable cities are focus areas all across Ramboll’s locations in 35 countries.  

Read on to get a high-level overview of our capabilities in each of the areas.


The intensifying urbanisation will require us to transport an increasing amount of people in and between cities while maintaining a cohesive society linking regions and rural areas. The movement of people and good is a prerequisite for growth. Among other things, we help with mobility plans and analysis of autonomous modes of transportation, operations and procurement support for transport carriers, and economic scenario analysis for both port and airports.

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Major players in the energy sector are changing their portfolio and strategies to adapt to the green transition with governments and the EU aiming to fuel the change. A holistic and more sustainable approach is required to support the sector on this journey. At Ramboll Management Consulting we assist grid owners develop their organisation, help investors explore opportunities within renewable energy and help analyse the current and future energy supply.

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Environment & Health

Ramboll is a world leading environmental and health consultancy. Some 2.000 experts help clients respond to business, regulatory or legal challenges, and develop strategies for operating sustainably. We partner with our Environment & Health colleagues to help organisations with circular modes of production, sustainable strategies or deliver the triple bottom-line approach by providing both environmental, social and economic impact assessments.

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With people spending 90% of their time indoors, buildings shape our lives and well-being. As a global top tier company our buildings experts are the preferred partner of some of the world’s leading architects and developers. Within management consulting, we have assisted with e.g. benefit realization on major projects, go-to-market strategies for building materials companies and or plans for how re-modelling buildings supports new ways of working.

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Water has become a major challenge. We draw on multidisciplinary expertise and work as advisors to create innovative and liveable solutions. Our clients benefit from this approach when we combine water consultants and landscape architects with socio-economists and management consultants. Together we help improve the lives of residents in novel climate adaptation projects or analyse how insurance mechanisms can be used to mitigate flooding.

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Planning & Urban design

Two thirds of the world’s population are predicted to live in cities by 2050. So how do we plan and build cities that are expanding rapidly? It is our mission to create societies where people and nature flourish. We employ a holistic approach to urban development that encompasses strategy, planning and world class technical services based on an integrated multidisciplinary skills base. This draws on planners, architects, management consultants and more.

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Global access to 300 offices in 35 countries

16,500 specialists ready to help

We are an integral part of Ramboll. Therefore, our clients benefit from our ability to form specialist teams within a number of sectors. 16,500 colleagues form this global knowledge pool that allows us to combine management consulting and engineering, bringing value-adding services to both public and private sector clients.
Enabling sustainable change for future generations.

Preferred and trusted advisor

For 50 years, we have been a preferred and trusted partner for the public sector.

As the public sector face many similar challenges, our clients benefit from our knowledge that travels between our local offices. Serving the European Commission as well, we know policy, governance and structural funds from a European level to national, regional, city and institutional level.

Our hallmark is our scientifically rigorous methods applied to the welfare domains. But what is more, we help public sector digitize and provide consulting services to transport carriers, grid operators, utilities and similar organisations responsible for vital parts of our societal infrastructure.

Learn more about public sector policy implementation in our white paper

The SDG's are guiding stars for us when working with sustainable change.

UN SDGs as guiding stars

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are guiding stars for us. They now set the frame for the work we do.

Therefore, we perform an annual baseline against the SDG’s. Currently, 71% of the work we do for clients relate to the Global Goals. And for the work that does not relate to the SDG’s we always consider the longevity of the solutions we propose so that the effort can be sustained over time.

In Ramboll, we strive to increase our sustainability work by 40% in 2 years while decreasing our own CO2 emissions. To help clients ignite their ambitions we provide sustainability consulting and have also developed an SDG Impact Assessment Tool.

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We create multi-disciplinary solutions withing liveable cities and sustainable change.

Improving urban life

All across Ramboll, cities are in focus as the rapid urbanisation presents both significant opportunities and huge challenges. We provide management consulting services to help cities become more liveable and cohesive just as the city or municipality needs to be run effectively and be governed and managed well.

Around the world, we advise cities looking to strike the right balance between infrastructure issues, economic growth, climate actions and social inclusion.

Liveable Cities and sustainability are separate topics yet highly interconnected as cities account for 75% of CO2 emissions. This calls for our multi-disciplinary sustainable solutions.

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